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Stationsweg 80-82
Hoek van Holland
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 - 88 - 1881 500
Fort 1881 - Mail

The Fort 1881 in the Hook of Holland has been renewed to become an important museum and a bar with an high quality venue for events. They will host events, parties and the owners are not shy in aiming at the best possible sound quality for themselves and for their guests.
For this reason they have chosen Blumenhofer Acoustics. The Gran Gioia for their top system in the most representative room.

This is the first stage of the system in the Fort 1881. A system that will grow up with other components in the other rooms of the bar in the upcoming months

For the time being the choice is simply based on a relatively normal DAC and an Einstein integrated amplifier. A top system.
The source? The cabling? For the time being (August 2015) these questions are still not 100% solved, but ongoing

Pictures are courtesy of Peter Vellenkoop.
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Fotos Courtesy of Peter Vellenkoop