Genuin FS 4.2 in Palermo

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The owner says:

I use the system mainly for stereo music listening, and occasionally for home cinema.

My preferred listening time is during night at low volume. Mainly I listen for classical and jazz music. Thanks to the quiet environment, the system is always enjoyable and never fatiguing: this is one of the reasons why I’ve opted for these loudspeakers.

When I tried them at Pick Up HiFidelity, both with my power amplification and even higher class gear, I have been convinced by their musicality, naturally and their talent in “rising emotions”.

At that point would have been difficult to chose something different!

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The System

Source: HTPC
CD Player: NAD C521BEE
DAC: Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus
DAC 2: DIY DAC based on I2SOverUSB components
Integrated Amplifier:  Tube Amplifier, AAAVT SM88
Surround Amplifier: NAD T742 
Cables: Signal: Nordost Red Dawn; Loudspeakers: QED Revelation Signature.

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Fotos Courtesy of the owner of the system