Tempesta 17 in Hague

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Michael genießt sein Vintage System

I enjoy the Blumenhofer's verry much and i visit your www site frequently to look at the pictures from speaker build to audio-shows.

I think Blumenhofer is a verry beautiful and good sounding speaker and an "thinking out of the box" product!

Most people are "brand-lovers" like B&W, Dali, Enz..., but as a music lover it is a joy to hear a brand like Blumenhofer!

Weitere Traumsysteme

Die Anlage

  • Blumenhofer Tempesta 17 with SoundCare Spike-Feet
  • Radford STA-15 Mk2 Tube Power amplifier (2x 15 Watts) (1962).
  • Schiit Audio Saga-plus, Pre-Amplifier with Tube stage.
  • Thorens TD145 Turntable (1976) with Nagaoka MP-150 Cardridge.
  • Rega 'Fono' Pre-turntable amplifier.
  • Oppo BDT-101 CD Player.
  • Ogata 6mm2 Loudspeakercable with Qed Airloc Plugs.
  • Ogata and Sharkwire RCA Cables
  • Streamer BlueSound Node2
  • Supra Powercables and Powerstrip.
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Fotos vom Besitzer der Anlage